I am an interfaith/interspiritual minister. This means that I value all religious and non-religious traditions as pathways to Truth, and I encourage people to find Truth and practice spirituality through whichever path(s) they find meaningful and inspiring.

I am currently the co-pastor of a Christian congregation in the Poconos. Maybe you are member of a religious community – maybe you are not. Perhaps you consider yourself religious, non-religious, or “spiritual, but not religious.” In any case, I would be delighted to serve as your minister.

Follow my blog if you’re looking for a fresh take on scripture and a different way of looking at life. I also offer sacred ceremonies, worship services, and spiritual guidance. Please see the Services page for details regarding each service. 

Hope for Humanity News

Hope for Humanity News (H4H News) was a series of sixteen podcasts I created about humanity’s evolution into higher consciousness. Click here to access the podcast show.

You can also access the show scripts on my Blogger. Start at the bottom of the page, reading and/or listening from #0 to #16.

Interfaith Community Fellowship

Interfaith Community Fellowship is a Facebook page that I created to educate, inspire, and encourage people during these challenging, yet hopeful times.

The mission of Interfaith Community Fellowship is to spread hope by sharing positive news and to inspire people by sharing ideas from a variety of religious and non-religious traditions that celebrate our common human values, our highest vision for humanity, and our progress toward making that vision a reality in our local communities.

We have done great work in our separate religious and nonreligious organizations. Imagine the good we can do if we put aside our differences and unite in loving, compassionate action?

If you are interested in joining us, click here to visit the ICF page. Like and follow the page to keep updated.

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