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Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the difference between interfaith and interspiritual ministry? Interfaith ministers honor and respect all religious traditions as pathways to the Divine and seek to foster understanding and cooperation between religious traditions. Interspiritual ministers do that also but take it a step farther. Interspiritual ministers seek to foster an understanding of the spiritual oneness of all religions. While all religions look different on the surface, when we dig deep down into the heart of each religion, we find that they are all talking about the same thing: Love.

What is the fee for sacred ceremonies and rituals?
When I perform a sacred ceremony or ritual for you, I don’t just read out of a book. We work together to create a customized ceremony or ritual just for you – one that you will remember for the rest of your life. My fee will vary depending on the complexity of the ceremony as well as other things, such as travel expenses. Once we discuss the details, I can set a fee. 

What are my payment terms?
If you choose to hire me, I will collect one-fourth of my fee. I will collect the rest on the day of the ceremony. On the day of the ceremony, I will accept payment by cash or money order only. I will accept payment by check only if it is made at least one month prior to the day of the ceremony. For other services (sermons or spiritual guidance), payment of the entire fee is due the day service is rendered (no deposit is required). 

What kinds of couples do I marry?
I am happy to marry any two adults who love each other, who are committed to each other, and who consent to be married. The couple may be the same race or different races (such as African-American and Caucasian). They may practice the same religion or different religions (such as Jewish and Christian). They may be agnostic or atheist. They may be opposite-sex or same-sex. One or both may be transgender. In any case, the couple and I will create the wedding ceremony together,  combining whatever cultural, religious, and/or personal traditions that are meaningful to the couple. We can do anything you want – as long as it’s legal!

Are there any couples I will not marry?
A minister may choose not to marry a couple if doing so will violate his or her professional integrity and/or personal ethics. I may choose not to marry a couple, for example, if I suspect that there is any kind of abuse in the relationship or serious unresolved issues that will negatively affect the marriage (such as whether or not to have children). In these cases, I refer the couple to an appropriate counselor. Once these issues are resolved, I will then be happy to marry the couple. 

Is spiritual guidance like psychotherapy?
Spiritual guidance is not like psychotherapy, and it is not a substitute for psychotherapy, addictions counseling, or any other service provided by a licensed mental health professional. Spiritual guidance is about your experience of and relationship with the Divine. Have you ever asked, “What is God, really? Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going? What is life really all about?” If you have, then you are an active spiritual seeker. Sometimes, during our quest for truth and meaning, we feel lost and alone – especially during difficult times in our lives. That’s when we could use a little spiritual guidance to shine the light in those dark places.